season april - october


3990 NOk including video



Do you want to experience the rare feeling of flying through the air and an adrenaline kick of a lifetime? Want to know the excitement of free falling towards mother earth? Do you want to dangle safely under a parachute thousands of feet above the ground? If the answer is, Yes, then a tandem jump is right for you!!

Our tandem instructors are among the most experienced in the country and are guaranteed to take you safely through every step of the jump. Jumping from 4,000 meters you get about 40 seconds of freefall before the instructor opens the parachute at 1,500 meters above the ground. During the guided parachute ride of about 5 minutes you can enjoy the view of Oslofjord, Tønsberg archipelago and the area surrounding the Jarlsberg Airport. Its quite a good view we promise!

Maybe you get to steer a little bit too, enjoy!!!

A Tandem skydive acts as an introduction to parachute sports. Many of our tandem passengers will later sign up for ordinary parachute training, called an AFF course. We jump 4-6 days a week, and our season is from late April to mid October. We provide accommodation at the Jarlsberg airport for skydivers and students.


Video & Pictures

There could be a chance you only do this once in your life, so let us take care of the memories for you!!


Included in the base price is video, however you can also buy still photos for an extra 490 NOK. We highly recommend purchasing the still photos while you are booking your tandem. You will receive around 200-250 high definition photos of your tandem jump. We make sure to capture all the important moments for you. The photos are affordably priced so you can share them with friends and family and even post a couple on facebook or instagram. You won’t regret this buy!

skydive tønsberg fallskjermklubb tandem

our prices

Prices include all fees, memberships and insurance.


3990 NOK including video

490 NOK extra for still photos (recommended)


When you book, you pay a 400 NOK deposit. The rest of the jump price you will pay when you arrive at the airport for you tandem jump. We have card terminals but only accept debit cards, you can also pay in cash.

If you do not arrive on your scheduled jump date you will NOT receive a refund. However, if you do arrive at the airport for your scheduled jump and for some reason you do not jump you will receive a full refund.


You can extend your insurance policy if you like. 

You can read more about the insurance terms her




Requirements and conditions

The Following Requirements and Conditions apply to those who are going to Tandem jump:


  • Over 18 years old or 16 with guardians approval. You must have written consent from both parents if you are between 16 and 18 years old. Download form.
  • You must sign a self-declaration that you are not suffering from diabetes, epilepsy, and heart failure. If in doubt, contact us. See the self- declaration below.
  • Approved medical certificate if you are over 70 years old. ( must be shown upon arrival at airport on jump date) Download form.
  • Weight: max 100kg. Should you be in doubt, we can weight you upon arrival. In some cases we allow people over 100kg, but it depends on your physical condition. Passengers will be assessed by the instructor upon arrival.  If over the max weight you may risk being rejected. Contact us if you weigh 100-110 kg. For safety reasons 110kg is our absolute maximum limit.
  • The jumper may not be intoxicated in any way while jumping. No drugs, no alcohol while jumping.
  • From your arrival at the airport until you are finished with your jump usually takes 1-2 hours. However, due to weather or other external conditions, it may take up to 3 hours in rare cases. In case of a major delays or cancellations we will notify you as soon as possible.
  • When you book you pay a 400 NOK deposit. If you do not arrive on your scheduled jump date without notifying us you will NOT receive a refund. If you arrive on your scheduled jump date and do not jump for some reason or another you will receive a full refund.
  • If you have a gift card you cannot use, you can pass it on to others, or we can refund the amount minus an administration fee of 300NOK.


All tandem students must sign the following statement:

I declare that I am physically normal and that I do not suffer from or have been treated for heart failure or kidney disease, prolonged illness that has given lasting illness, diabetes, epilepsy, fainting seizures or cramps, nervous disorders, kidney disease, high or low blood pressure. (in case of doubt about your medical approval, a doctor should be consulted and F/NLF medical examination form should be filled out). I am familiar with the risks associated with skydiving and I have made an independent assessment of and am aware of my own decision and responsibility for the risk taken.”

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the day you jump

Refer to our tandem reception right when you arrive at the airport. There you will find our coordinator, who will help you with the details of your jump. You need to watch a video about what is going to occur during your tandem jump. You can watch this video below. Also you must fill our proper paperwork, pay/ show your gift card, get the proper equipment on and go through the course with your tandem instructor.

Sånn gjør vi det på Skydive Tønsberg


You will wear a jumpsuit on top of your personal clothing. We recommend that you dress comfortably and appropriate for weather conditions. Especially in the Spring and Autumn it can be smart to wear a wool underlayer to stay warm. It is also important that you wear proper shoes, sneakers are best.

skydive tønsberg fallskjermklubb tandem


The plane uses about 12-15 minutes to reach full altitude of 4000 meters. On the trip up you can enjoy the view of the Tønsberg archipelago. When you exit, you will count down 3,2,1 and go into free fall. Free fall is roughly 40 seconds reaching speeds up to 200 km/hr.

At 1500 meters the tandem instructor will deploy the parachute. After your parachute is open high above Jarlsberg you can enjoy both the view and the trip down. Don’t forget that you may be able to steer the parachute down to a soft landing.

The jump usually takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from your arrival to departure but allow a good margin to this as skydiving is a very weather dependent sport. The safety requirements for tandem are strict. The weather must be perfect and with good visibility to a jump to take place. The limit for backwinds is 9 meters per second. Simply put, give yourself some extra time just incase we have to wait because of the weather.

For those who are watching the tandems, it may be smart to bring some extra cloths. We also have a kiosk, good tables and benches for public use.

If you have someone who wants to sit in the plane, we have room for one passenger in the seat next to the pilot. Price is 260 NOK, the same as everyone else who goes up to jump.

skydive tønsberg fallskjermklubb tandem

Frequent asked questions


+ Hoppet skal være en overraskelse - hva gjør jeg?

Når du booker for andre, og det skal være en overraskelse, oppgi DIN epost og DITT mobilnr – da kommuniserer vi bare med deg, og hoppet forblir en overraskelse.

Våre regler sier at den som hopper skal varsles minst 48 timer før hoppet, dette for å unngå at noen hopper fordi de føler seg presset til noe de egentlig ikke vil, når de møter opp til overraskelsen. Det er opp til den som booker å forholde seg til denne regelen. Vet du feks at den som skal hoppe har uttrykt ønske om dette, stiller saken seg anderledes.

Joda, vi har nok sendt deg denne. Sjekk spamfilteret ditt. Avsender er Du kan også søke på "wetransfer" på PC-en din. Finner du den fremdeles ikke - kontakt oss

+ Jeg klarer ikke spille av filmen!

VLC og Quicktime funker bra til å spille av filmen. Alle PC-er med windows har VLC. Søk etter VLC på disken din og spill av filmen med denne aplikasjonen, da går det bra!

+ Jeg veier over 100 kg, kan jeg hoppe?

Maksvekt er normalt 100 kg. Er vi i tvil må du på vekta før vi hopper med deg! I enkelte tilfeller tillater vi over 100 kg, men det er avhengig av din fysiske tilstand/form, og vurderes av instruktøren i hvert tilfelle. Du kan risikere å bli avvist. Kontakt oss om du veier 100-110 kg! Av sikkerhetsmessige grunner er 110 kg en absolutt maksgrense.

+ Kan jeg hoppe sammen med andre?

Vil du hoppe sammen med kjæresten din, familie eller venner? Dere vil være på samme fly, inntil 4 samtidig. Og dere vil hoppe ut med ca 10 sekunders mellomrom. Dere vil neppe se hverandre i frittfall, men under skjerm kan du nok få et glimt av den eller de du hopper sammen med. Og dere lander på samme sted, med kort mellomrom.

Har du en ven som er fallskjermhopper, kan han eller henne hoppe sammen med deg, hvis Tandeminstruktørern godkjenner det.

+ Hvor lang tid i forvegen bør jeg bestille?

Høysesongen for tandem er fra mai til ut oktober. Dette er populært, så vil du være sikker på å få plass, bør du bestille så tidlig som mulig, spesielt lørdager og søndager. På hverdager er det mer romslig med plass, og vi kan som regel håndtere dropin.

De populære tidspunktene blir fort fyllt opp. Så desto tidligere du booker, desto større sannsynlighet for at du får hoppet når du ønsker.

+ Kan jeg booke for andre eller flere enn meg selv?

Ja det går fint. Du kan legge til så mange du vil når du booker.

+ Kan jeg endre en booking?

Ja, det går fint. Du kan endre tidspunkt selv inntil 3 dager før hoppet (følg link i epost du får tilsendt etter booking). Eller kontakt oss så fikser vi for deg.

+ Jeg finner ikke gavekortet mitt!

Har du oppgitt riktig epost har vi sendt deg gavekortet. Finner du det ikke ligger det høyst sannsynlig i spamfilteret ditt. Avsender er

+ Jeg har ikke fått kvittering for bookingen min!

Har du oppgitt riktig epost har vi sendt deg kvittering. Finner du den ikke ligger det høyst sannsynlig i spamfilteret ditt. Avsender er

+ Jeg har ikke fått kvittering for betalingen min!

Har du betalt med kort får du kvittering fra Stripe. Finner du den ikke ligger det høyst sannsynlig i spamfilteret ditt. Avsender er

+ Hva skjer hvis hoppet mitt blir kansellert?

Dersom vi må kansellere pga av vær eller andre årsaker, booker vi deg kostnadsfritt på et nytt tidspunkt. Eller vi refunderer det du har betalt. Opp til deg!

+ Jeg kan ikke spille av filmen fra hoppet!

Vi leverer videoen i formatet xx. Den kan spilles av med VLC (som følger med alle Windows operativsystemer), eller Quicktime (følger med alle Apple-maskiner). Du kan downloade VLC her. Quicktime laster du ned her.

+ Blir jeg varslet ved forsinkelser eller kanselleringer?

Ja, vi varsler på sms til mobilnummeret du har oppgitt ved bestilling. Har du kjøpt for flere enn deg selv, varsler vi ikke den enkelte, men deg, og så må du varsle videre. Ved større forsinkelser prøver vi så godt vi kan å holde dere orienterte, men det kan hende vi ikke rekker si fra før du har dratt hjemmefra.

Hvis vi kansellerer hele dagen, gjør vi det alltid minst to timer før planlagt oppstart av hopping angjeldende dag. Da får du sms.